RVshare’s iOS mobile app makes it easy to manage bookings and connect with renters from anywhere, anytime. With the app, you can stay up to date on new activity for your RV rental business and quickly respond to renter requests and messages. Android version is coming soon!

Stay Up to Date

When you log in to the RVshare app, a screen with upcoming reservations, new messages, and new booking requests will be displayed. Tapping on these notifications allows you to take action on bookings that start in the next 14 days and respond quickly to new renter activity. 

Respond Quickly

The RVshare app puts your inbox at your fingertips. You can review and accept booking requests, communicate with renters and view booking details and payout information from anywhere at any time. 


Inbox filters allow you to conveniently view the messages that are important to you. You can filter by booking requests, pending quotes and reservations, as well as view messages in the trash and access your SmartMatch inbox. You can also filter to view only unread messages to make it easy to know which messages need your attention. 


Once you click into a message with your renter, the information for the reservation is broken down into 3 tabs: messages, details and payments.

  • Messages tab – The messages tab is where you can chat with your renter, send attachments with important information about your RV and view system messages sent by RVshare. 
  • Details tab – From the details tab you can view information about the reservation and your renter, as well as send a quote, change a reservation and accept or decline booking requests.
  • Payments tab – The payments tab is where all of the financial details about a reservation are found. You can view things like optional upgrades to help you get ready for the reservation, as well as payout information and when payments will be charged to the renter.

Note: Your renter is able to view these tabs in their inbox as well.

Renter Experience

Booking your RV has never been easier for renters. With the RVshare iOS app, renters can find, favorite, and safely book your RV while staying in touch with you throughout every step of their vacation.