Available in the App, a comprehensive photo walkthrough

Knowing what photos you need to document before and after a renter takes a trip with your RV may be confusing or unclear. You will be provided guidance on which photos to capture on the Departure and Return Forms– no more guessing what insurance and protection needs from you.  

How to Upload the Required Photos: 

  • First, download the App to easily take photos with your cell phone
  • Before you fill out the Departure and Return Forms, you’ll be guided through taking specific photos of your RV including: 
    • All four sides of the RV
    • Interior
    • Roof 
    • Any pre-existing damage 
    • Odometer (if applicable) 
  • The photos you capture will be displayed on the Departure and Return Forms where you can add more photos or complete and submit the forms
Upload photos to document the condition of your RV
Add photos from the Departure Form and Submit

That’s it! Enjoy this step-by-step guide to help you upload photos of your RV’s condition. 


  • Do I have to submit Departure and Return Forms on every trip? 
    • You can choose to skip the photo guide and add photos directly on the forms, but thoroughly capturing the pre and post trip condition of the interior and exterior of your RV is extremely important if a claim needs to be filed. 
  • Why are photos before and after the trip so important?
    • RVshare’s insurance and protection provider, DigiSure, requires recent photos to be uploaded before and after a trip. In the event there is a claim due to damage or missing items, DigiSure uses this information to determine the next steps in the claims process. 
  • Is the Departure Form required on every trip? 
    • Yes. Submitted current photos documenting the condition of your RV every trip is required. You risk being deducted 2x the deductible of your payouts if you do not complete the Departure Form including updated photos for every trip. 
  • What happens if I forget to submit the Departure and/or Return forms?
    • Forms are a critical part of documenting your RV before and after the trip. 
    • In the event there is a claim, DigiSure will review all of the information provided. Lacking adequate documentation to the condition of your RV before and after each trip will be difficult to process the claim.