Dashboard Overview

Your owner dashboard is your home base for your RV rental business. Make sure you bookmark the Dashboard page so that you can easily access it to provide the best renter experience possible. Here are the areas you will manage in order to be successful:

  1. Dashboard – This will show you a current snapshot of your business. The top section of the dashboard links to your current inbox and reservation management. You will also see Action Items for your Review which are suggestions to improve your performance. 
  2. Inbox – Your inbox is similar to any email inbox you use today and is used to reply to messages and accept booking requests. Tip: Download the App to respond to messages on the go. 
  3. Reservations – Any confirmed booking request or Instant Book will automatically be populated on your Reservations page which displays all future and past bookings.
  4. Payments – In the payments section you are able to update your payout preferences, see payments coming in the future, and check gross earnings reports.
  5. Listings – In the listings tab you can view your previous reviews and your listing(s). The View Listings tab in the drop-down is where you will go anytime you would like to change something on your listing. 
  6. Calendar – The Calendar tab is where you can control your RVs availability. It is very important to make sure your listing is only available on dates that your RV is available and you are personally available. 
  7. Performance Metrics – Your RV is not the only thing that can convince renters to pick you. How quickly you respond, how often you cancel, and how often you accept booking requests can all impact a renter’s experience as well as how often and where your RV is displayed in search results. Therefore, making sure you understand the best practices are important. Check this out for more information on Performance Metrics
  8. Profile – The profile section is where you can update any of your personal contact information. You can also add a brief bio in the describe yourself section and it will show on your listing for renters.
Dashboard Home Page