Having an accurate and up-to-date calendar, as well as competitive rates, are important to give your renters a great experience. Follow these best practices to optimize your earnings and ensure a positive experience for both you and the renter.

Ensure an Accurate and Up-To-Date Calendar

Renters expect your calendar to be accurate and up to date. Being proactive and honoring bookings for available dates that are not blocked on your calendar are essential:

  • Plan ahead for personal use. We want you to enjoy your RV but having a rental business means you need to plan. Look ahead and block off any dates you are going to use your RV for personal reasons. Avoid making any last-minute plans that would create a cancellation. 
  • Add changeover dates. If you have back-to-back bookings, build in the time you need to clean and turn over your RV. Block off a changeover date if it helps you honor all your bookings. 
  • Update your calendar for maintenance. If your RV is requires maintenance or is damaged, be sure to block off your calendar for the time it will take to repair it. 
  • Reduce the risk of double bookings. Some owners manage their bookings and RV availability in a calendar outside of RVshare. To ensure you reduce the risk of being double-booked, sync your calendar using iCal.  Learn more
  • Hide your listing if you are away. If you are unable to manage your listing for an extended period of time, you are able to temporarily hide your RV from the search results. This feature allows you to preserve the details of your listing, but prevents renters from booking your RV. This will prevent you from receiving any inquiries or booking requests for the time period you set. Learn more.
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Top Calendar FAQs

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