Introduction to Sort Ranking

Your sort ranking is the single most important driver of your success on RVshare. Why? Because, just like Google, the higher you rank on the search results page for your area, the more likely renters will see and book your RV. The sort ranking algorithm’s job is to find the best possible match for a renter and is constantly adjusting and learning from both owners’ behavior as well as what the renter is looking for.

How can I improve my sort ranking? 

  • Responsiveness: Response Rate is how often you respond and Response Time is how quickly you respond to renters. To improve your sort ranking, respond within an hour and respond to ALL messages and requests.
  • Acceptance rate: The percent of total booking requests you accept. Try to get above a 90% accept rate.
  • Cancellation rate: The percentage of confirmed bookings you have canceled. Try to never cancel on confirmed booking. 
  • Expiration rate: The percentage of booking requests you have allowed to expire without either accepting or declining. The goal is never to have a booking request expire.
  • Listing Detail Page Conversion rate: Coming soon!

Review your Responsiveness, Acceptance, Cancellation and Expiration metrics in your Dashboard or Learn more

  • Cancellation policy: Improve your ranking and offer a flexible cancellation policy 
  • Owner verification: Ensure you verified your ID on RVshare
  • Instant Book: Enable Instant Book where renters can automatically book your RV without sending a request to book
  • Photos: Have 20+ photos so renters can decide if your RV is the right one for their trip
  • Delivery: Offer delivery to renters’ destination 
  • Reviews: Provide an excellent renter experience and get 5 star reviews

Other things that might impact your sort ranking could include:

  • Age of your RV: The newer the RV, the higher likelihood a renter will select it 
  • Bookings in the last month: A previous rental proves renter interest 
  • Last owner login: Logging in to your Dashboard shows you are actively managing your RV and more likely to have an accurate calendar. . 

All of these factors can help boost your position in sort and in turn offer an excellent renter experience.