In order to maximize your bookings, it is important to understand how to manage your leads, and making sure you and the renter are doing everything to get ready for their upcoming trip. 

Managing Leads and Bookings

Putting yourself in the renter’s shoes can be helpful to understand what their experience and expectations are. This can be very beneficial in trying to manage your bookings.

There are three ways a renter can contact you or book your RV:

  1. Sending a Message – In the beginning of the renting process, a renter may want to get to know you better, ask questions about your RV, and share details about their trip in order to feel more comfortable with booking your unit. A renter can contact you by clicking on the Contact Owner button from your listing page. 
  2. Booking Your RV Using Instant Book – Instant Book gives renters who meet your requirements the ability to instantly book your RV.  Renters who don’t meet the requirements you set will still be able to send you regular booking requests.
  3. Submitting a Booking Request – If you do not have Instant Book, renters will submit a booking request where they can enter their payment information, and expect to complete a booking. Booking requests allow 24 hours to communicate with renters to adjust any needed changes and finalize the booking.

How You Get Notified

  • An email is sent to notify you when a renter has viewed your RV and has a question. The subject line will start with New Message, and the renter’s message will be included in the email. 
  • You can reply to the renter by responding directly to the email, or through the message with that renter in your dashboard Inbox
  • You also have the option to add a quote to your response in the owner dashboard. 
A renter clicks on Contact Owner from your listing details page to send you a message.

Tips for Success

  • Be sure to answer quickly and you will be more likely to secure a booking.
  • Your response rate and response time are used to boost your position in sort order. So it is important to respond to all messages and booking requests in a timely manner.   
  • Turn on SMS(Turn on text notifications) to get notified of a new message.

What to Expect Next

  1. If a renter continues to show interest, be sure to send them a quote. Adding a personal message to the quote can help to build trust. 
  2. It is possible that a renter is not interested, and there is no longer any action needed on your part if they do not respond.
Customize a quote with the details of your potential booking

Booking Requests and Booking Confirmations

At this point in the process, the renter is booking your RV, congrats! To provide them with the best renter experience, it’s best to understand what the renter expects of you when booking. Today’s renters expect to be able to immediately book on the internet, so the faster the booking process goes for the renter, the happier they will be.

How You Get Notified

  1. Booking Request Email  – If you don’t have Instant Book turned on for your RV listing, you will receive an email with the subject line as New Request from a renter who is interested in booking with you. This email is to let you know that a renter has completed all of the information needed to book, and you can accept and/or edit the request to finalize it.
  2. Instant Book Confirmation – If you have Instant Book turned on for your RV listing, you will get an email with a subject line that starts with New Confirmation when a renter books your RV.

Tips for Success

Booking RequestsInstant Book Confirmations
Booking requests expire in 24 hours, so make sure to respond quickly and follow  up with any questions, or you can accept the request as is. 
Be sure to honor the booking and continue communication with the renter so the reservation goes smoothly.
Renters submit booking requests with their payment information so they expect the booking to be confirmed.  If any edits are needed to get the booking just right, click on Edit Quote to send an updated quote to the renter.Do not cancel if changes are needed to the reservation.  Click on Change Reservation to make any needed adjustments.

A high accept rate and a low cancellation rate can help you rank higher in sort order.  Make sure you understand your performance metrics to maximize your bookings.