Having a renter handbook in your RV during rentals can be one of the most helpful resources you can provide your renters. Renter handbooks are small documents that include frequently asked questions about your RV, how-to tips for amenities, as well as rules and policies you have set for renters. Below is a downloadable template for your Renter Handbook!


Information to include in your handbook

Welcome Page 

This is where you can welcome your new renters! On this page be sure to include a brief introduction of yourself, how long you have been an RVshare owner, and some of your favorite destinations with the camper. 

Host and Additional Contact Information

  • Your contact information: 
  • RVshare’s Customer Experience: (888) 482-0234 
  • 24/7 Roadside assistance: (855) 229-9696
  • A printed version of the Departure and Return forms attached
  • DigiSure Insurance Card attached. The electronic version of the forms and insurance card can be found in the Dashboard. Printing them out is optional.

How To’s and Amenities 

The following pages of the Handbook should include information on how to properly operate the unit. Feel free to add pictures and a detailed description so your renters can easily follow along! 

  • Type of gas
  • Hookups/dumping
  • Hot water tank
  • Awning use
  • Suggestions about towing, if applicable
  • Stabilizing instructions, if applicable
  • Where the RV manual is located
  • Where to find items in the unit cleaning supplies, extra linens/pillows/blankets (if included), and kitchenware. 
  • How to use any entertainment and kitchen appliances. 

Important Notes & Friendly Reminders

Let the renters know what your expectations are while the unit is in their possession and always communicate any questions during their trip. 

  • Return instructions (cleaning, fuel, tanks, etc)
  • Pick-up and drop-off times here
  • What happens if there are any damages/overages once the trip has ended
  • Nearby gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • Tourist attractions