Congratulations on listing your RV! On your few first days, it can be difficult to know what to focus on. This is a guide to making sure you’re set up for success listing your RV on RVshare. From writing a detailed description to pricing your RV, the information below will help you with what you need to do next. For more information on all things about your RV rental business visit our Owner Toolkit

Writing a Detailed Description

Write a detailed description to market your RV to renters and reduce questions you might receive later. This is where you’ll convince renters why they should choose your RV — share some fun features and a few reasons why you love your RV. In your description, you can also add your favorite local spots they could visit, where you are willing to deliver to, and any other helpful info you think they might want upfront.

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Sleeping Arrangements

Renters want to know more about sleeping arrangements to make sure your RV will suit their trip so make sleeping arrangements clear. In your description be sure to include approximate bed sizes, how many people your RV sleeps, and where those spaces are. This is a big part of choosing the right RV for many renters, especially those with large parties and families.


Upload high-quality photos, and plenty of them. We recommend at least 20 pictures with captions of both the inside and outside of the RV, with one being the floor plan. They should be well-lit and free of clutter. Consider staging your RV with welcoming throw pillows and a set table in the kitchen. This helps the renter imagine themselves staying there.

Pricing and Additional Fees

Keep your pricing competitive to get in front of as many renters as possible. Overpricing your rental will result in fewer bookings while underpricing will mean you’re losing out on valuable revenue. 

Include any add-ons or upsells you may offer, such as a prep fee, pet fees, or generator rentals. Just don’t overdo it on the upsells, aim to keep it under 3.

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Setting up your Payout information

Now that your listing is catching everyone’s attention, you’ll need to set up your Payouts so you can actually receive those bookings and get paid. Setting up your payouts is easy and done through your RVshare Dashboard. Navigate to the Payments section and select the Payout Preferences drop-down. From there you will be able to add your payment information to Stripe our third-party payment processor. 

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Insurance and Protection

Next, make sure you are insured and that the RVshare Protection Plan is active. Visit the Manage Listing section in your Dashboard, Edit Listing, and navigate to Insurance and Protection. If you see “Insurance and Protection Active” above your RV name, you’re all set! If you see anything else, give us a call so we can help get you approved. 

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Calendar and Availability 

Finally, it’s crucial that your calendar be kept up-to-date. This prevents renters from trying to book on days when your RV is unavailable, causing you to cancel — which should be avoided at all costs. It compromises the trust renters have in your business and it will directly impact the performance of your listing on the site. 

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