Departure and Return Forms

The Departure and Return Forms play an important role in the post-trip process as they are used to document the pre and post-trip condition of your RV. These forms can be completed and submitted online, or printed and filled out on paper with your renter. If you choose to use paper for documentation, you will still need to complete the Return Form online in order to be paid out for any post-trip fees or expenses or to report damage to your RV. 

The Departure Form

24 hours prior to the start date of a reservation, you will receive an email alert that the Departure Form is available to complete and submit. The form has 3 sections: 

  • Tank Levels and Gauge Readings – If you charge fees such as generator usage, mileage, and dumping make sure you document the starting levels. The Return form will automatically calculate the fees for mileage and generator usage
  • Document RV Condition – Use this section to upload photos that document the pre-trip condition of your RV. Be sure to capture clear photos from each corner of your RV, the VIN and any pre-existing damage to the interior or exterior of the RV. This information will be reviewed in the event that damages are reported post-trip or an insurance claim needs to be filed. The pre-trip condition can also be documented on the print version of the form, but photos are preferred by the RVshare damage team and our insurance partner.
  • Additional Drivers – Up to three additional drivers who are not the primary renter can be added here. Additional drivers must be 25 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license in order to be eligible for insurance coverage. Insurance claims may be denied for additional drivers that are not listed on the Departure Form.
  • Signature and Submit – Once the Departure Form is complete, you will need to check the box, initial and click Submit to make the submission of the form legally binding. Your renter will then be alerted that the form is ready for them to review and sign. Your renter will be reminded every 3 hours on the reservation start date to review and submit the form as it is important that both parties have signed off on the starting condition of the RV.
Document the pre-trip condition of the RV

IMPORTANT:  The Departure Form locks at the end of the reservation start date and will no longer be available for owners or renters to submit. As the Departure Form is reviewed in the event that you need to report damage to the RV, failure to complete this form can affect whether or not you are paid out due to a lack of documentation of the pre-trip condition of the RV. You and your renter can always view and print the completed Departure Form from your Reservation Details.

The Return Form 

The day a reservation ends, you will receive an email alert letting you know that the Return Form is available to complete online. You will have 72 hours from the reservation end date to inspect your RV, document the post-trip condition and submit charges for overages and damages. The Return Form will save as a draft so that you can edit or add for the entire 72 hours. You must click the Submit Now button in order for the form to submit and to be paid out for your overages.

There are two pages to the Return Form: 

Overages, fees and expenses

On the first page of the Return Form, you can enter standard overages on mileage and generator hours, add additional fees such as a fee for dumping the waste tank or refueling the RV, and document expenses for review. Overages, fees, and approved expenses will be charged to the renter’s payment method on file. 

Submit post-trip overages, fees, and expenses.
  • Standard overages – Values that were entered into the Departure Form will be pre-populated in the section and the overages will automatically calculate once you enter the post-trip odometer and generator readings. You can edit the total if you’d like to give the renter a discount or decide not to charge for overages. 
  • Additional fees – Additional fees can be added if the RV is not returned in the agreed-upon condition and include a cleaning fee, dumping fee, refueling fee, late fee, pet fee, and abandonment fee. Each fee type can be entered only once and should include all associated costs such as the cost of materials, labor, time spent by the owner, etc. Individual fees over $200 or totaling $200 will be reviewed by Customer Support prior to payout. 
  • Expenses for review – Expenses for tolls and traffic violations and anything not included in the additional fees or damages can be added here. Items in this section require a receipt and are subject to a review by the Customer Support team. RVshare reserves the right to approve, decline or recategorize these expenses as needed in accordance with tax regulations. 

At the bottom of this page, you can find a summary of the fees, overages, and expenses for review that you entered, as well as any damages reported. Owners incur a 10% commission for post-trip overages and fees according to the Post-Trip Fee Policy. Tolls, traffic violations, and damages are not subject to commission. The commission amount is displayed in the summary as well as the owner payout and any items that are subject to review by customer support.


Click the blue Report Damages button in the middle of the Return Form to start a damage claim. Damages reported here will be sent to the renter and reviewed by a DigiSure representative no matter the cost of damages. Approved damages will be taken from the security deposit for the reservation.

  • Damages for review – Create a line item for each instance of damage that occurred during the trip, upload up to four photos of the damage and add a description. You have the option to add the cost of the damage or select “waiting on the estimate” if you do not know the cost yet. Photos uploaded here will be reviewed if your renter tries to dispute the damage or in the instance that an insurance claim needs to be filed. Make sure the photos clearly show the damage.
  • Additional comments and photos – This section can be used at your discretion to upload photos and add notes from your trip.

Clicking Save and Close at the bottom of this page will save the information you entered and navigate you back to the first page of the Return Form. You will be able to see the total of the damages you reported in the summary at the bottom of this page and can always access this page again by clicking on the Report Damages button at the top of the Return Form. 

IMPORTANT: While the Return Form is editable for 72 hours, you must click Submit Now to sign and submit the form before the 72 hours expires. If you do not sign and submit the form, any overages, fees and damages you have reported are subject to dispute and payout for these items will be at the discretion of the RVshare Customer Support team. You can view a countdown of how long you have before the Return Form will expire underneath the Submit Now button, as well as the last time your form was saved. 

Didn’t you say I can use paper? 

Yes! If you prefer to fill these forms out on paper with your renters, or will be in an area where online forms are not available to you, you can print blank forms from your Reservation Details to complete.

A few things to note if you are not using online forms: 

  • You will not be able to upload photos with a paper form, but we recommend that you still take them so they can be sent to RVshare if you need to report damage or file an insurance claim. 
  • Make sure that you and your renter both sign the forms as we will not be able to collect the electronic signature if a paper form is used. 
  • If you have post-trip fees or expenses to charge the renter for, or need to report damages, you will still need to fill out the Return Form online in order to be paid out or have the damages reviewed.