Deductible coverage and more bookings through this flexible option.

How it works:

  • At check out, a renter can opt to purchase the Security Deposit Waiver instead of the Security Deposit
Renter’s options to select either choice at check out
  • The Security Deposit Waiver offers coverage up to $1,500 for eligible covered damages toward the insurance and protection deductible the renter selected.
  • If there is damage, the Security Deposit Waiver will be processed up to $1,500 for eligible covered damages. The amount of coverage is determined by the deductible amount of the Insurance and Protection package selected by the renter. 
  • Regardless of which option the renter chooses, the process for reporting and handling damages and overages will stay the same. 
  • Any damages that exceed the deductible for the Insurance and Protection package will result in an Insurance and Protection claim through DigiSure.
  • You have full control over the Security Deposit Waiver setting and can opt your listing(s) out at any time on the Rates section of your Dashboard.
Opt your listing in or out in the “Rates” section of the Dashboard under

How to find the steps to opt in or out of the Security Deposit Waiver:

  1. Login to your Dashboard and visit the Listing tab
  2. Select “Update Rates”
  3. Scroll down to the Security Deposit Options section
  4. Adjust your Refundable Security Deposit and opt in or out of the Security Deposit Waiver.