Three policies will be updated or created with the feature’s coming soon:

  1. Respectful Community Policy
  2. Cancellation Policy
  3. Terms of Service

Respectful Community Policy 

As RVshare adds features that allows you to add custom rules and agreements, this policy sets standards for what is expected to help foster a community of respect and inclusion. 

Cancellation Policy

While sometimes cancellations are avoidable, over 60% of the owner cancellations on RVshare happen for avoidable reasons. Cancellations disrupt renters’ plans and impact confidence in the RVshare community – which is more important than ever given the popularity of RVs.  The Owner Cancellation Policy outlines what RVshare considers to be unavoidable (and avoidable) and ensures there is some leniency for when things go wrong. 

What you can do now: Read the policy and make sure you understand when it’s OK to cancel and when you should avoid it. Avoiding cancellations is a great way to make sure your RV appears at the top of RVshare’s sort order – ensuring more renters see your RV. 

  • Extenuating circumstances – If the cancellation is prompted by extenuating circumstances, then it may be eligible for an exception.  Extenuating circumstances include changes to government travel requirements, declared emergencies and pandemics, military actions and hostilities, natural disasters, RV damage that makes the RV unsafe, and a renter has violated or says they cannot follow your established Owner Rules. 
  • Avoidable cancellations – Avoid cancelling a reservation by working with the renter to adjust dates in circumstances that will not be eligible for an exception.  These include: cancelling on behalf of the renter, unexpected disease, illness, or injury; government obligations like jury duty; cancellation or rescheduling of an event for which the reservation was made; and transportation disruptions like road closures, as well as flight, train, bus and ferry cancellations.
  • Cancellation allowance – As part of the owner community who might also be new to renting and navigating cancellations, you’ll be able to cancel reservations online penalty-free 3 times in one year for these reasons. Otherwise, owner cancellation penalties will apply.

Updated Terms of Service

To remove any confusion around RVshare’s terms and any owner’s own rental agreement, all terms related to RVshare are now consolidated and located in the RVshare Terms of Service. Terms that were included in the “Rental Terms and Insurance” have now been moved over to the company’s Terms of Service.  The Insurance Terms will remain separate and all renters will agree to both Insurance Terms and Terms of Service when they book.  Specifically, the following was moved to RVshare’s Terms of Service:

  • Section 9.  Should owner’s add their own rental agreement, this separate rental agreement is directly between the owner and the Renter and/or Owner (whichever is applicable).
  • Section 11. Renter responsibilities – this section ensures renters are responsible for towing trailers with appropriate vehicles, that renters must return RVs where and how they are supposed to, and that renters are responsible for any traffic violations, etc.  Owners can repossess an RV at their expense without notice to renter if the RV is abandoned or used in violation.
  • Section 25. The RV may be equipped with global positioning satellite (“GPS”) technology or another.

RVshare’s current terms can be found here: