Improvements to help your day-to-day

We know managing an RV rental business and providing a guest experience is hard work. Read on to learn about some recent updates and how they can help make running your business easier.

Recommended pricing to help grow your rental income

Recommended Pricing automatically updates your weekday and weekend rates based on trending data in your area. When activated on your listing, Recommended Pricing will keep your rates competitive on a regular basis without the need for manual intervention. You can turn off the automated recommendations at any time and adjust your nightly base rates manually.

For more information and how to turn on Recommended Pricing check out this Help Article.

Insurance and protection coverage options to better protect your renters

The RVshare Protection Plan expanded to include two additional package options, providing the renter with three total choices. 

The renter will select either Basic, Essential, or Preferred when completing the required steps of the reservation. The additional options offer expanded coverages such as interior damage, lower deductibles, tire & wheel road hazard, and additional renter liability limits.

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Calendar updates in the Dashboard and iOS app to save time 

The newly redesigned calendar in the Dashboard provides you with more flexibility and the ability to save time when managing your availability. You can now block your calendar, manage your availability, and view reservation details from the same screen.

If you haven’t already downloaded the app, now is the time. The improved calendar is now built directly into the App so you can manage your business on the go! Download the RVshare App

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Owner Performance metrics

Looking to improve your sort ranking and get more bookings? Five new metrics including Response Time, Response Rate, Acceptance Rate, Cancellation Rate, and Expiration Rate can now be found in your Dashboard. Your sort ranking is the single most important driver of your success on RVshare and access to these five metrics gives you insights into how you can help improve your business.

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RV Swap

Do you have more than one RV? 

When the need arises, you can now switch your renter to another RV without having to cancel and rebook the trip. Once you swap the RV from your Reservations page, the renter will get the option to accept the changes. This will automatically update their insurance and protection coverage as well.

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Want to learn how to improve your listing?

We are happy to introduce a new way to learn about RVshare! Find our new video on how to create a great RV listing in our Owner Toolkit and on our Youtube channel. Keep an eye out for more content like this coming in the future. 

Owner Meet-ups

Two newly experienced owners sit down with RVshare to discuss their rental side hustles. Andrew and Aaron discuss listing their RVs, first-timer tips, and how they provide great customer service to their renters.

Check out our latest owner meet-up here and the collection of past meet-ups on our Youtube Channel.