Improvements to Insurance and Protection

We’re excited to announce that we’ve transitioned to a new Insurance and Protection service provider, DigiSure. As you know, insurance provides protection for both you as the RV owner as well as the renter during a trip. This new partnership will improve a variety of areas for both you and the renter including coverage and customer service. 

What’s changing to the Insurance and Protection Plan? 

Like today, physical damage protection will continue with up to $300K in coverage. There are several improvements we’re excited to share, among the best listed below: 

  • More thorough upfront renter vetting and verification process on every booking 
  • Improved resolution time on claims by 50%*
  • Liability insurance protection increased to $1M
  • Broader coverage including windshields, trailer liability and campsite liability 

What’s changing for me? 

To ensure we can facilitate a trusted transaction for both owners and renters, part of the transition process will include DigiSure onboarding you and your RV(s). 

DigiSure will be confirming some of the elements, including:

  • Valid mobile phone number 
  • Valid email address and/or domain
  • Identity verification through RVshare

DigiSure will be looking at criteria in relation to your RV(s): 

  • All recalls are closed on the RV
  • Valid vehicle registration
  • Accurate and not mismatched VIN, registration state or garaging address 

What’s next? 

As we onboard you and your RVs, our Insurance and Protection service provider, DigiSure, may need additional information from you to verify coverage. Although we expect additional information requests to happen infrequently, there may be cases where an account is not eligible for Insurance and Protection plans. If that were to occur, we will work with you to resolve. 

To ensure we provide a safe and secure marketplace for our owners and renters, RVshare requires every rental has proof of coverage prior to the trip start.


Are deductibles changing with the new Insurance and Protection Plan? 

No, the insurance deductibles are not changing. The Standard Protection Plan will have a $1,500 deductible. 

What happens to my existing bookings? 

Your existing bookings will be transitioned into the new Insurance and Protection Plan and no action is required for you. 

When is this change happening? 

We anticipate the full transition to happen this spring, 2022. We will keep you informed as this timeline may shift. 

Will there still be three levels of coverage?

Yes, all three levels will be available this summer although we are launching with the Standard one first.

* estimated