Key information needed for your listing

Renters come to RVshare to find their perfect RV rental and each renter is searching for something a little different. When a renter searches on RVshare, your RV will appear among many others on a search results page. If they are interested in your RV, they will click on it from the search results page and land on your listing page.

Click on Listings in the menu to update and add content to your listing.

Great content

Make sure you add a descriptive title and a detailed description of your listing. A title helps your RV stand out, and a description helps the renter get to know you and your RV. The more you can tell renters details about your RV, the more they trust that you are someone with which they want to do business. Also, be sure to fill out the amenities page as well.

  • Utilizing the listing title – A catchy name or calling out a special feature can help pull renters into the listing (Easy to drive, insurance included, free delivery etc.). 
  • A detailed Listing Description section – Make sure to include anything a renter would want to know if they were new to RVing. While displayed in other sections, use words to help renters understand the details. How many people does your RV sleep and how? What amenities does the RV include that are important to note and what “extras” are being offered? Do you do anything that sets your RV of the service you offer apart such as a delivery or unlimited mileage? Also, make sure to mention its cleanliness, ease of use, and weight if a towable. 

Cleanliness – Your RV shouldn’t just be clean for the photos (though that’s important too). Cleanliness is a big driver of reviews (good and bad). 


Your calendar is your commitment to renters on when your RV is available to rent. Make sure you block your calendar for times you want to use your RV for personal reasons, or when it may be unavailable.


You will have set up your initial rates when you onboarded with RVshare, but it’s always good to go look at other rentals in your area and compare pricing to make sure you are competitive. Over time, you will learn when there is more demand for your RV and can increase your prices during that time.

Consider Seasonality – You can create different rates for different parts of the year to remain competitive. If the area has a slow season or special events, adjust your rates accordingly.


Photos are the visual way to tell the story of your RV. Upload as many photos as possible to help renters understand the exact experience they will get.  Make sure there’s plenty of light and not much clutter when you take your photos. At a minimum, try to have at least 20 photos.